Saturday, October 12, 2013

Book Review : Blowing on Dandelions by MiraLee Ferrell

Hi friends,

 It has been awhile since I have posted. My computer died and I am borrowing one now. I wanted
to share a quick review of a book I just read. This is my first time reading a book by this author. The book is called Blowing on Dandelions by MiraLee Ferrell. I really enjoyed this story, it was the kind of book that draws you in right from the first page.

It brings you into the year 1880 in Oregon where a recently widowed mom of two young girls is working hard to keep her boarding house running. Raising her two young daughters is a full time job but add in boarders and then her mom (who has always been very critical) decides to move in with them. Katherine's mom was only coming for a visit, but now she has to tolerate her mother on a daily basis. I really connected with Katherine as a character. I understood her struggle to love her mom, yet stand up for herself, asking for prayer from a group of her friends, her need for love in her life....yet not knowing if she could open up since losing her husband. I also connected with her heart in raising her girls. Wanting to love them and have them open up to her, yet teach them the right way to live.

You will also meet a hard working man named Micah. He too is a widower that is bitter toward God. He struggles to work and provide and things out of his control make it difficult. He loves his son and is raising him to do the right thing. Can he be both a dad and mom to his teen son?

Blowing on Dandelions was not a typical book you find in every book store. I even liked the image of dandelions scattered through the pages. It is a sweet story that has love, pain, devastation, loss, joy, friends and the love of God. I really liked most of the characters and enjoyed the way the story of God's mercy, love and forgiveness flowed. It brought me back to a Little House on the Prairie type feel. Good, Hard-working people that love the Lord and had good morals. Of course you throw in some characters to stir the pot.

I cannot wait for the next in the series, and for me....this one is a keeper. On my bookshelf it goes!

So what are you reading? What up and coming books are you patiently waiting to be released? For me, I am so excited for MaryLu Tyndall's newest book...Elusive Hope. I just love the cover! I really enjoyed Forsaken Dreams, which is the first in the series.....and now Elusive Hope is almost here!!! If you haven't tried these authors look them up at ,  or I know there are lots of places to purchase them.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What is your favorite Bible story or Hero/Heroine?

I just love God's Word. I guess to some that might sound strange. I have read my Bible since I was a little girl. I remember age 9-10 not understanding a lot of what I read and in my teens..but I still read it. Many things I did understand. Now, still so much I do not understand...but God really brings out new things to me when I read a story I have read a hundred times. Like Noah and the ark or Jesus being arrested. It is amazing the little things I didn't catch or comprehend the hundred previous times.
  Lately, I have had such a burning to read and understand more, to just know God. I want to read
and is like looking at God's heart. What an amazing book. I was sitting here thinking that I haven't posted in awhile but was really thinking about all the amazing things I have been reading recently. Like the story of Gomer. My goodness...what an amazing story of love, redemption, mercy and forgiveness. The parable of the 10 virgins, 5 were ready when the Lord called, 5 thought they were ready...but weren't. Mary Magdalene, Esther, Ruth, Elijah. David, Stephen just goes on and on.

 I thought why not ask all of you...what is your favorite and wh?. I know mine and don't want to ruin or take your answers...I would love to hear your thoughts on your favorites  =)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have been on the road for the past 2 weeks. I told you about going for the mini-mission trip 2
weeks ago. Last week we went to WV for a revival. It was about 5 hours away from where we live. It was great! We met new people, had many salvations and several filled with the Holy Spirit. The church was small, but very friendly. They had a good mix of kids, teens, parents and grandparents. I know God is going to use them...they sure love Him very much!
  It feels so good to be home though. God really touched me during the revival and I am  so
thankful. It was nice to get a break from work and all of my church responsibilities and we didn't bring school work with us (we homeschool). We had services Wed-Sun morning...but I didn't have to teach etc. I did help sing though. I missed my church a lot. It is like my little family.

Home....such a comforting place. I am a person that does not generally like change. I like my day to
day routine, I like to know where I am going. I guess this is due to moving so much growing up. I often think how nice it would have been to be born and raised in the same area. To know everyone there, go to school with the same people etc. I have been blessed though...seeing many places, living in different areas and meeting so many different people. Coming home just feels good, even when you don't want to leave...just the first night back in your own bed....knowing everything is in its place...great feeling for me.

Lately I have felt even more.....this world isn't my home. I am not comfortable here. I cannot wait
to get out of here and be with the Lord. There was an old song my parents would play on a record....Lord, I want to go home. It sounds a little morbid if you don't understand what I am saying. I don't want to die...I just want to be with Jesus, to hear Him say "well done, thou good and faithful servant". I cannot imagine just being in His presence. I long for Him, to sit at His feet, to worship Him. To see those that have gone before me....and yet, I feel...not yet Lord. There are so many that are not many left to tell. Help me Lord to reach out to them while there is still time.

 Do you ever long to go home? Do you feel comfortable here? Are you ready to go when the
trumpet sounds? If not, it sure is easy to have Jesus come into your heart. He is what will make Heaven home. Not the place, but Him. All you have to do is ask Him to come into your heart, to forgive you of all the bad things you have done. Tell Him you believe that He died on the cross for you and that you believe He is in Heaven waiting for you. He loves you and wants you to come home with Him one day soon!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life goes by so fast....BUSY

I have not been posting excuse? time. I am sure your life is a lot like mine. Always running from one thing to the next, work, kids, church,bills to pay, phone calls to make, e-mails to check etc. It just seems the older I get the busier life has become. I am not saying it is a bad thing...just trying to slow down a bit so I can enjoy life.
We just got home from a mini-mission trip. We went to help a new church get started. We had
prayer on Friday night, and helped them do last minute touches on their building. Saturday we went out all day and knocked on doors, inviting people to service. This was out in the country so a lot of hills and farms we walked.

We met some of the sweetest people. One lady (Faye) was 91 years old and lived alone. She was really weak due to her heart. It took her about 10 minutes to get to the door, but she yelled, " I'm coming, don't leave! " What a sweet lady to visit with.She begged us not to forget her, and even asked us to pray for her husband of 60 years that was abusive. He no longer lived with her, but she said that he needed Jesus.

 We met many people like this, just looking to talk to someone, they wanted someone to pray or just sit with them a few minutes. I asked them if we could do something for them before we left and they all said no. They were not looking for money, or workers, or a hand out. Just a friend. They felt lonely, no one to spend time with or talk to. They told us we could come back and visit any time and very often.

 It was a wonderful experience, yet it made me sad at the same time. I knew I didn't live in this area
and I personally would not be back to visit them. I did let them know this and also told them I would give their information to the pastor and that someone would come and visit with them. But, have I become too busy? I mean, I teach Sunday School, Children's church as well as the Youth and Young Adults. I go to the prayer meetings and all services. I help with the food pantry, fund raisers, I am the VBS director, I visit the sick and send cards and post cards out...and so many different things for the church. I deliver food baskets, go Christmas caroling, direct the kid's Christmas play, sing in the choir, on the worship team and on for the emsemble...and this could go on. I love doing it all....but I think I need to slow down on some of it and just go sit with those in the area I don't know yet.

 Isn't this what being a Christian is all about? I help and do many things to reach out and visit those
I know of...but I know I need to go out on my own and knock on doors and just let people know Jesus loves them and I am here to pray for them, spend time with them and just love them. Can't I spare 10 minutes a day...or maybe fit in a hour a week?

Lord, help me to be your hands, your feet. Help me not to be to busy to go to love people that need it. If I don't go...who will?

Have you ever felt to busy to do the basic thing God has called us to do?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who are your favorite authors?

Reading....something I have always enjoyed. I remember sitting in the kitchen each night while my mom would cook. I would have reading homework. I looked forward to reading the chapter or two I was given...but not allowed to go any further. That was so frustrating to Later on in life my mom admitted that it frustrated her as well. She wanted to know how the story would end.
  Now, I don't like waiting. I am the kind of girl that will stay up until 5 am just
to finish a book. My sleepy eyes fighting to stay awake for one more chapter! I get so wrapped up in my books. I personally love reading my Bible, some classics, and Historical Christian Fiction. Right now I read many authors but have some favorites. They include Gilbert Morris, MaryLu Tyndall, Karen Witemeyer, Tracie Peterson, Cathy Marie Hake, Tamera Alexander, Lynn Austin, Lauraine Snelling and so on. I have enjoyed so many books by these authors and have many of their books in my bookshelves.

I just finished reading To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer. I really enjoyed it...I didn't want it to end!

I am now waiting for a pre-buy from MaryLu Tyndall I purchased several months ago. It will release March 1st...and I am not being so patient. This cover was so beautiful! I have to admit that is the first reason I wanted to buy it. This one is called Forsaken Dreams and as soon as I read it I will post a review. Only 10 days now......come on March 1st!!  Forsaken Dreams can be purchased now at, and many other places!

After Forsaken Dreams I hope to read Rosa's Land by Gilbert Morris.

So my questions to you are: Who is your favorite author or authors? What are you reading? Which book/books are you looking forward to reading?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Q & A with Christian Author MaryLu Tyndall and chance to win her newest release Forsaken Dreams

Forsaken Dreams and Author Q&A with MaryLu Tyndall!!

Check out Forsaken Dreams, book one in the exciting new Escape to Paradise fiction series by MaryLu Tyndall!

Embark on a seafaring adventure as a disillusioned colonel and a hopeful widow seek a fresh start on the shores of Brazil. Colonel Grant Wallace cannot leave his once precious Southern homeland fast enough. After witnessing the death and destruction of the Civil War, he charters a ship and sets sail for the pristine shores of Brazil, eager to start afresh in a new land. Widow Eliza Crawford boards the ship NewHope harboring a dirty secret and a blossoming hope within her heart for a new life away from old memories. But once at sea, troubles abound. Will Grant overcome his demons of bitterness and rage? Can Eliza find the peace she longs for?


Get to Know the Author!
MaryLu Tyndall, a Christy Award Finalist, and best-selling author of the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series is known for her adventurous historical romances filled with deep spiritual themes. She holds a degree in math and worked as a software engineer for fifteen years before testing the waters as a writer. MaryLu currently writes full time and makes her home on the California coast with her husband, six kids, and four cats. Her passion is to write page-turning, romantic adventures that not only entertain but open people's eyes to their God-given potential. MaryLu is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America.

Author Q & A:
1. How would you describe your new series Escape to Paradise?
An adventurous, romantic tale about a group of Confederates, wounded in both body and soul, who flee the destruction of the South after the Civil War for greener pastures in Brazil, but who find much more than they bargained for, both on the trip there and once they arrive.

2. What inspired the storyline for your new series?
History. Nearly three million Southerners migrated from the devastation of the South following the Civil War. Close to twenty thousand of them went to Brazil where the Emperor welcomed them with open arms, the farm land was plentiful, and the temperate climate mimicked their own weather back home. Though most ended up returning home, several thousand remained, and their descendants still live there today. Their struggles to create a new Southern Utopia in the heart of Brazil make for a fascinating story!

3. How is this series different from your previous series?
Escape to Paradise is like nothing I’ve ever written before. The six main characters, the hero and heroine in each book, have a huge presence in each of the three books, so by the end of the series, the reader will know them all really well, as well as several of the secondary characters. Secondly, and more importantly, this series contains a lot of supernatural elements—curses, angels, visions, demonic battles—which I have not put in any of my other books.

4. What type of research did you have to do for Forsaken Dreams?
Surprisingly, not much has been written about this particular historic event. I did find a couple of great books on Amazon. I was also able to locate some original source material, which is a researcher’s dream: three journals written by actual Confederates who traveled to Brazil. Then of course I studied the flora, fauna, cuisine, customs, religion, climate, topography, and history of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. I tried to talk my husband into funding a trip to Rio (For purely research purposes, of course) but he wasn’t buying it! :) I also studied the Civil War, clothing and customs of the time period, and, in particular, of the South.

5. What are the most interesting facts that you learned while researching and writing Forsaken Dreams?
There is a city in Brazil called Americana, which was founded by migrant confederates in the late 19th century. To this day, the inhabitants still speak a mixture of English and Portuguese and celebrate American holidays by playing “Dixie”, while some of the local women dress in big-bustled skirts for dancing. President Carter visited the city in 1972, after discovering its little known history, and he was reportedly brought to tears by the American influences he found there.

6. What surprises do your fans have to look forward to in your new series?
An exotic locale, powerful secrets held by each character, a strong spiritual theme that runs through all three books, cannibals, evil temples, visions, angels, demons, prophecies, and a supernatural battle. Doesn’t sound like romance novels, does it? Yet, readers can still expect to find all the adventure and romance they normally enjoy from one of my books.

7. Do you have a favorite character in Forsaken Dreams? Why?
Yes. The heroine, Eliza Crawford. She’s all the things so many of us want to be: strong, independent, smart, caring, selfless. But she has a fatal flaw—one which I can relate to very much, and one I’m hoping others will relate to as well. She wants to live life on her own terms. She wants to do things her way and follow her own heart and will. She doesn’t want to be told what to do by anyone, especially God. Consequently, she disobeyed her father and ran off to marry a man who was all wrong for her, an action that cost her and others dearly. Still, she struggles with an independent spirit that refuses to submit to God, even when she knows His will is best. Sound familiar? It does to me!

8. What message would you like your readers to take away after reading Forsaken Dreams?
There are several messages woven into Forsaken Dreams. Forgiveness, letting go of bitterness, running away from God, but I would say the main message is that submission to God and His will is the only thing that brings true happiness.

9. Most of your stories revolve around swashbuckling pirates and sea captains. What draws you to write about them?
Actually I only have one pirate series, but a good majority of my books have several scenes set at sea. Ever since I was a child growing up on the shores of South Florida, I have loved the sea and especially the tall ships of old. To me, there’s something very romantic and adventurous about those magnificent sailing ships and the men and women who journeyed on them in search of new lands.
10. What are some of the challenges you face as an author?
Meeting deadlines! I never feel like I can take a break and just relax when there’s a deadline shouting at me from my computer. Other challenges come in the form of negative reviews and harsh comments, most of which I’ve learned over the years to ignore. However, the occasional one slips through and stabs my heart. Then there’s the marketing aspect of being an author, which is most definitely my weakest skill. I’ve never been very good at selling myself, or in fact, selling anything, to anyone. :)

11. What aspects of being a writer do you enjoy the most?
The writing! Coming up with new stories and settings, and especially great characters. But my favorite part is putting those characters into impossible situations that I would never survive personally, but ones in which they must survive! Those hours I spend at my computer with my head and my heart in a distant land, living life through my characters, are the happiest moments of my day. What a great job I have!! I get to live in a fantasy world of my own making. God is good!

12. What clubs or organizations are you involved with to help with your writing?
American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. However I receive most of the help I need from other writers who I’ve grown close to over the years. It’s so wonderful to have an online support group of people who understand what I’m going through and who can offer suggestions and help and who can lift me up in prayer when needed.

13. What new projects are on the horizon?
Forsaken Dreams is the first in a trilogy entitled Escape to Paradise, so I’m currently working on the last two books in the series. After that, I’ll be in God’s good favor as to what He wants me to write next. :)

14. What was your favorite book as a child?
Can I have three? The Last of the Mohicans, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Pride and Prejudice.

15. What is your greatest achievement?
My children. Although I really can’t take credit for them turning out as well as they have. That was God. But they are my life and my true loves, and I can’t imagine my world without them.

16. What do you do to get away from it all?
Go to the beach. Although it’s not as warm here in California as it was in Florida where I grew up, I love sitting in the sand and gazing out over the foamy waves and smelling the salty air and feeling the wind on my face. It makes me realize how big God is and how small I am, yet how much He truly loves me.

17. And, finally, where can your readers find you online?
You can sign up for my e-newsletter on my website at, and my blog is where I post all sorts of things from book giveaways and book information to articles and devotional thoughts. I have a Facebook group called MaryLu Tyndall: Swashbuckling Romance, and I’m on Twitter: @MaryLuTyndall. Hope to connect with you all!

Check out MaryLu's blog Friday, February 7, to learn more about the hero from Forsaken Dreams, Blake Wallace, and comment for a chance to win a copy of the book

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Russian Missionary Team Dinner

Okay so this is all I have time to share tonight (Have to get my Sunday School lesson etc ready)...but tonight we met early for revival. We started at 5pm with a dinner. It wasn't your normal church dinner with the fried chicken, baked hams, all the steaming hot veggies, mashed potatoes with butter melting all on the top, the rolls, desserts, name it....This was a dinner that our missionary friends would have in Russia.
   It was a pot of soup. It had very few veggies and a little chicken in it. No rice or cream. It tasted wonderful....but what you didn't see is the serving sizes. A very small bowl. A half of a thin slice of bread..a little jelly..some pickle slices, a little cole slaw...and some thin wafer type cookies for dessert. Hot tea for your drink.
  Well it doesn't sound too bad...but when you are in the cold and haven't eaten anything all day...and just a small portion...sure makes you think how blessed you really are. Tonight there of course were seconds...and for some 3rds. Everyone could have extra bread and cookies....plenty of pickles....but that isn't so in Russia...and def not on the missionary team.
  It was very humbling....and I felt blessed that I could get a little vision of what it was like. I
asked the Lord to help me never take for granted the blessings he has given me...and that I would be able to help more people with what I have.
  The soup was delicious, and everyone was really blessed by it...but it sure changes your outlook. Here is a picture of the large pot of soup. You will see how clear the broth is..and won't find much in can see the spoon though


A board and a towel

Yes...this is yet another odd title for a post. But I just have to share a little bit about our revival ....I wish you all could be here to hear and experience for yourself.....but Larry....our friend and missionary to Russia, last night he gave everyone a white towel...not a fluffy towel you use to dry off with, but a shop towel or cleaning towel you would by at Lowes or in a cleaning section of a store.
   He began sharing how Jesus taught His disciples. The story He told was when Jesus began
to wash His disciples feet. And how Jesus humbled himself, and knelt down and used a cloth to clean away the dirt and grime...and to refesh his friends. Some of the disciples said no....I should be doing that for you...or no..You are not cleaning my feet...I was Jesus, the Son of God...washing their feet?
   You know Jesus was teaching them a big to be a servant. How to think of
someone else...before you think of yourself. How to do something to help, meet a need etc. The Bible clearly teaches us that Jesus came to be a servant of all....and that if we want to be great in God's kingdom..we have to learn to be a servant of all.
   So Larry began telling us this towel he gave us...was meant to be used. Meant to remind us to get
out and do something for others. Not to keep the towel as a memory of a great service. Work towels are meant to be used, they get don't keep them folded all neat and pretty...they generally are filled with dirt, grease and oil. These rags were to remind us to stop acting like we are followers of Jesus...and to get up off of our comfy seats...and out of our comfort zone....get out there and start living it.
   There are many people that just need someone to love them, care for them...they need a hand.
Help mowing the lawn, watching their kids, food for their family..whatever the need. We need to step in. And while helping...we should be humble, and show the love of Jesus to them.
  I just thought it was wonderful....the altar call was wonderful...even a little 2 yr old with tears
streaming down his face...he loves Jesus and wants to serve him too. We are never to young, never to old to begin.

 Mary told us a story about their travels in Russia..and how they were dropped off to stay with a woman...she showed them to their room for the night...the bed was a small pull out bed with a matress maybe an inch thick. It wasn't big enough for both of them to sleep on...and it was a very small room too. Well she had a really hard time falling asleep..and was complaining...this is to any of us humans would feel when we are not comfortable. Well she needed to use the restroom so she went out to find it..and saw where this sweet woman was sleeping. She has taken 2 small wooden chairs, laid a piece of a wood board (just barely big enough for her body to fit)on the chairs and she slept on this. They did not realize the bed they were in...was her only bed. And out of her kindness she was laying on a hard board to give these Americans..people she didn't know...her own space. Wow...what a servant's heart. What would you give up for someone else?
 Thank you Larry and Mary  for this reminder..and thank You Lord for teaching us, to love us enough to come down to where we love us when we are meet our needs. I for one want to serve and love others!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The little old woman's dead goat

So, I have been really busy today..and leaving in an hour for revival tonight. I promised I would share something about last nights service......I cannot tell everything that was told....but I did want to share a short story.
   They told a story about a newly saved young lady(6 months) in Russia...who devoted 1 year to be a
missionary to remote parts of Russia. She went and knocked on a door and a little old woman came ...she was sobbing so hard she couldn't even talk or explain what was wrong. This missionary did not know what to she just wrapped her arms around the woman and loved her. Finally she calmed down enough to explain....her goat was dead.Everyone in the village knew her goat was dead
   Okay....this sounds silly to some. Or sad to those that love animals or their pets. But this
goat was not a pet. This goat supplied food...milk and cheese for this woman and others in her village. People depended on this goat. There wasn't another goat anywhere close...and who had the money to buy one?
   The missionary didn't know what to do...but she layed on the dirt near the goat...the dead,
stiff goat....and pulled out her small little bottle of oil. Well she opened the goat's mouth and poured that whole bottle of oil down it's throat. Then she began to pray...nothing happened. Our Lord....the missionary prayed in her head...what am I going to do.....well she only could think to get the goat warm. So she took off her only coat, wrapped the goat in it and carried it to the woman's house. She began to pray again....and in less than 5 minutes..that goat was up, crying (baaa baaa) and running everywhere!
   What do you think this meant to the village? To the little old woman? Not only was her goat now alive....but she also wanted to know this God that would do something like this!

  I know big is just a goat....but you know here in America..for now...we are
spoiled. Most of us have everything we need and then some. We may go without something here or there...but just imagine if this happened to you...and it was all you had. Then imagine not knowing God, or ever hearing about Him. What would have happened to the goat, the village and little woman..had the missionary not gone?

 There was so much more to share that was said last night...but know matter how great or small your need, He loves you and He cares for your need. No matter how little you can give to God...He will use it and bless it. It isn't what we can do for is what He can do through us...if we are willing and let Him. If we stop just saying we love God...and get out and show Him!

 I sure can't wait to see what happens tonight =)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are you thirsty?

A funny question, I know....but we started revival last night at our church. This is a family revival...and the guest speakers are missionaries to Russia. They have been great! They shared last night about your physical thirst is never matter what your choice of drink, or how much of it you drink. They related it to Jesus coming and giving Eternal Water....and when we drink of His Living Water..He fills us to overflowing.....but He doesn't fill us just to hold water like a bottle does, or a river, ocean etc. He fills us so we can share it with others.
     If you know the Bible story of the woman at the well....she needed water...she had to travel and work just to get the water. She was a woman that was looked down on in her town. She had many husbands, and was with a man that she wasn't married to. That was not allowed or looked at well then. She even had to go and draw her water at a different time than all the other women. So she did not have the fellowship of the other women. She was searching for love...obviously she had not found with the many different husbands. I am sure she was lonely.
    Jesus went out of His way just to stop at that well. He spoke to her.... (not only did the other women not speak to her, but neither did Jewish people since she was a Samaritan...and they were enemies) Jesus, a man...a Jewish man spoke to her! And in the end...what did he offer her? she would never thirst again. Of course He is talking about spiritual..not physical here...but the joy she had from meeting Jesus and how He met her spiritual He knew all about her and loved her and showed her mercy...He changed her life just by speaking with her and loving her.. She ran to tell everyone...come see this man at the well....He will give you a drink and you will never thirst again!
  That is all Jesus wants us to to share this with everyone. When is the last time you stopped
to help someone in need, or even shared the gospel with someone? Are you saving this water and keeping it all just for yourself?
    If water does not flow it becomes stagnate.....the same can happen in our spiritual walk with the Lord. We too can become stagnate. But what can we do for someone else ....are there not thirsty people everywhere? People that will die without Jesus if we don't take the time to talk with them! Can we not share just a drink? It did not take the woman at the well long before she wanted everyone to come and know Jesus.
    It sure makes me I doing my part? I am living for the Lord? Am I sharing all that
He has given me with everyone I come in contact with? I for one...want to share with anyone that is thirsty. Lord, let my hands be Your hands reaching out to others!
    So today...if you are one that is thirsty and need to meet with can. No matter who you are, where you are or even what you have done. All He asks is that you believe in Him, that you ask Him to come into your heart and forgive you for all the bad things you have done...that you will change and live for Him. Salvation is free....but it does take do have to change....but He helps you every step of the way! Maybe you are one that has the stagnate have been hiding it, or you have been stingy, too busy for others etc. You know the Lord can help you too....just let Him know from your heart your desire. I mess up all the time and go to Him and apologize. He shows such grace and mercy.
  I know there are so many who are thirsty. Who will share, who will go...who will tell? I cannot wait until tonight. They gave us a full water bottle and asked us to drink it befor tonight. They asked us to pray for those that are lost and thirsty...every sip we would take....and then to bring the empty bottle back tonight. I will let you know what happens.....
   Are you thirsty??? Do you know someone that is thirsty spiritually speaking? Invite them tonight......service tonight begins @ 7:00 Faith Assembly of God in Salem, VA

Monday, January 28, 2013

My review of Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall

Here is my review (as promised) of Veil of Pearls by Christian Historical Fiction author MaryLu Tyndall.

I have to say this was hands-down my favorite book for 2012! I am a huge fan of historical christian fiction. Sometimes books can sound the same, or you can figure out the plot in the first few chapters. Veil of Pearls was very different. I related really well with the characters and appreciated watching God's mercy and love also move in the book. Even though the books are does not mean they are not tools that minister to many people. I loved how MaryLu Tyndall showed through our flaws and failures God still loves us, forgives us, and is right with matter what chains my hold us.
   I also got from the doesn't matter what you need freedom from...something holds it relationships, hurt, pain or self-doubt....and it will continue to hold you until you break free and give it all to God.
     This is a wonderful story of God's love, breaking bonds, and also helping us to answer many questions/choices we make in our lives. Thank you MaryLu for something different, something to challenge me and minister to me all at the same time!

I think you should give it a try. I know you can get it in e-book form or paperback at many online stores. I prefer to shop at . They also have MaryLu's newest book Forsaken Dreams for a great Pre-buy deal...only 6.99! It comes out in March. I just ordered mine....will of course leave my review for you many other books I am reading.
  I still have to say that my favorite book to read is my Bible. I do enjoy Christian fiction, but
there is nothing that can replace God's Word. No matter how busy we may get in life....we should take time to close other books, silence our phone abd turn off electronics. We still need to spend time with God. How can He speak to us if we don't listen? And what examples we can be setting for our children too. We still need that family devotion time...and our alone time with the Lord too!