Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Russian Missionary Team Dinner

Okay so this is all I have time to share tonight (Have to get my Sunday School lesson etc ready)...but tonight we met early for revival. We started at 5pm with a dinner. It wasn't your normal church dinner with the fried chicken, baked hams, all the steaming hot veggies, mashed potatoes with butter melting all on the top, the rolls, desserts, name it....This was a dinner that our missionary friends would have in Russia.
   It was a pot of soup. It had very few veggies and a little chicken in it. No rice or cream. It tasted wonderful....but what you didn't see is the serving sizes. A very small bowl. A half of a thin slice of bread..a little jelly..some pickle slices, a little cole slaw...and some thin wafer type cookies for dessert. Hot tea for your drink.
  Well it doesn't sound too bad...but when you are in the cold and haven't eaten anything all day...and just a small portion...sure makes you think how blessed you really are. Tonight there of course were seconds...and for some 3rds. Everyone could have extra bread and cookies....plenty of pickles....but that isn't so in Russia...and def not on the missionary team.
  It was very humbling....and I felt blessed that I could get a little vision of what it was like. I
asked the Lord to help me never take for granted the blessings he has given me...and that I would be able to help more people with what I have.
  The soup was delicious, and everyone was really blessed by it...but it sure changes your outlook. Here is a picture of the large pot of soup. You will see how clear the broth is..and won't find much in can see the spoon though


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