Saturday, May 4, 2013

What is your favorite Bible story or Hero/Heroine?

I just love God's Word. I guess to some that might sound strange. I have read my Bible since I was a little girl. I remember age 9-10 not understanding a lot of what I read and in my teens..but I still read it. Many things I did understand. Now, still so much I do not understand...but God really brings out new things to me when I read a story I have read a hundred times. Like Noah and the ark or Jesus being arrested. It is amazing the little things I didn't catch or comprehend the hundred previous times.
  Lately, I have had such a burning to read and understand more, to just know God. I want to read
and is like looking at God's heart. What an amazing book. I was sitting here thinking that I haven't posted in awhile but was really thinking about all the amazing things I have been reading recently. Like the story of Gomer. My goodness...what an amazing story of love, redemption, mercy and forgiveness. The parable of the 10 virgins, 5 were ready when the Lord called, 5 thought they were ready...but weren't. Mary Magdalene, Esther, Ruth, Elijah. David, Stephen just goes on and on.

 I thought why not ask all of you...what is your favorite and wh?. I know mine and don't want to ruin or take your answers...I would love to hear your thoughts on your favorites  =)