Saturday, February 2, 2013

A board and a towel

Yes...this is yet another odd title for a post. But I just have to share a little bit about our revival ....I wish you all could be here to hear and experience for yourself.....but Larry....our friend and missionary to Russia, last night he gave everyone a white towel...not a fluffy towel you use to dry off with, but a shop towel or cleaning towel you would by at Lowes or in a cleaning section of a store.
   He began sharing how Jesus taught His disciples. The story He told was when Jesus began
to wash His disciples feet. And how Jesus humbled himself, and knelt down and used a cloth to clean away the dirt and grime...and to refesh his friends. Some of the disciples said no....I should be doing that for you...or no..You are not cleaning my feet...I was Jesus, the Son of God...washing their feet?
   You know Jesus was teaching them a big to be a servant. How to think of
someone else...before you think of yourself. How to do something to help, meet a need etc. The Bible clearly teaches us that Jesus came to be a servant of all....and that if we want to be great in God's kingdom..we have to learn to be a servant of all.
   So Larry began telling us this towel he gave us...was meant to be used. Meant to remind us to get
out and do something for others. Not to keep the towel as a memory of a great service. Work towels are meant to be used, they get don't keep them folded all neat and pretty...they generally are filled with dirt, grease and oil. These rags were to remind us to stop acting like we are followers of Jesus...and to get up off of our comfy seats...and out of our comfort zone....get out there and start living it.
   There are many people that just need someone to love them, care for them...they need a hand.
Help mowing the lawn, watching their kids, food for their family..whatever the need. We need to step in. And while helping...we should be humble, and show the love of Jesus to them.
  I just thought it was wonderful....the altar call was wonderful...even a little 2 yr old with tears
streaming down his face...he loves Jesus and wants to serve him too. We are never to young, never to old to begin.

 Mary told us a story about their travels in Russia..and how they were dropped off to stay with a woman...she showed them to their room for the night...the bed was a small pull out bed with a matress maybe an inch thick. It wasn't big enough for both of them to sleep on...and it was a very small room too. Well she had a really hard time falling asleep..and was complaining...this is to any of us humans would feel when we are not comfortable. Well she needed to use the restroom so she went out to find it..and saw where this sweet woman was sleeping. She has taken 2 small wooden chairs, laid a piece of a wood board (just barely big enough for her body to fit)on the chairs and she slept on this. They did not realize the bed they were in...was her only bed. And out of her kindness she was laying on a hard board to give these Americans..people she didn't know...her own space. Wow...what a servant's heart. What would you give up for someone else?
 Thank you Larry and Mary  for this reminder..and thank You Lord for teaching us, to love us enough to come down to where we love us when we are meet our needs. I for one want to serve and love others!

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