Friday, February 1, 2013

The little old woman's dead goat

So, I have been really busy today..and leaving in an hour for revival tonight. I promised I would share something about last nights service......I cannot tell everything that was told....but I did want to share a short story.
   They told a story about a newly saved young lady(6 months) in Russia...who devoted 1 year to be a
missionary to remote parts of Russia. She went and knocked on a door and a little old woman came ...she was sobbing so hard she couldn't even talk or explain what was wrong. This missionary did not know what to she just wrapped her arms around the woman and loved her. Finally she calmed down enough to explain....her goat was dead.Everyone in the village knew her goat was dead
   Okay....this sounds silly to some. Or sad to those that love animals or their pets. But this
goat was not a pet. This goat supplied food...milk and cheese for this woman and others in her village. People depended on this goat. There wasn't another goat anywhere close...and who had the money to buy one?
   The missionary didn't know what to do...but she layed on the dirt near the goat...the dead,
stiff goat....and pulled out her small little bottle of oil. Well she opened the goat's mouth and poured that whole bottle of oil down it's throat. Then she began to pray...nothing happened. Our Lord....the missionary prayed in her head...what am I going to do.....well she only could think to get the goat warm. So she took off her only coat, wrapped the goat in it and carried it to the woman's house. She began to pray again....and in less than 5 minutes..that goat was up, crying (baaa baaa) and running everywhere!
   What do you think this meant to the village? To the little old woman? Not only was her goat now alive....but she also wanted to know this God that would do something like this!

  I know big is just a goat....but you know here in America..for now...we are
spoiled. Most of us have everything we need and then some. We may go without something here or there...but just imagine if this happened to you...and it was all you had. Then imagine not knowing God, or ever hearing about Him. What would have happened to the goat, the village and little woman..had the missionary not gone?

 There was so much more to share that was said last night...but know matter how great or small your need, He loves you and He cares for your need. No matter how little you can give to God...He will use it and bless it. It isn't what we can do for is what He can do through us...if we are willing and let Him. If we stop just saying we love God...and get out and show Him!

 I sure can't wait to see what happens tonight =)

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