Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are you thirsty?

A funny question, I know....but we started revival last night at our church. This is a family revival...and the guest speakers are missionaries to Russia. They have been great! They shared last night about your physical thirst is never matter what your choice of drink, or how much of it you drink. They related it to Jesus coming and giving Eternal Water....and when we drink of His Living Water..He fills us to overflowing.....but He doesn't fill us just to hold water like a bottle does, or a river, ocean etc. He fills us so we can share it with others.
     If you know the Bible story of the woman at the well....she needed water...she had to travel and work just to get the water. She was a woman that was looked down on in her town. She had many husbands, and was with a man that she wasn't married to. That was not allowed or looked at well then. She even had to go and draw her water at a different time than all the other women. So she did not have the fellowship of the other women. She was searching for love...obviously she had not found with the many different husbands. I am sure she was lonely.
    Jesus went out of His way just to stop at that well. He spoke to her.... (not only did the other women not speak to her, but neither did Jewish people since she was a Samaritan...and they were enemies) Jesus, a man...a Jewish man spoke to her! And in the end...what did he offer her? she would never thirst again. Of course He is talking about spiritual..not physical here...but the joy she had from meeting Jesus and how He met her spiritual He knew all about her and loved her and showed her mercy...He changed her life just by speaking with her and loving her.. She ran to tell everyone...come see this man at the well....He will give you a drink and you will never thirst again!
  That is all Jesus wants us to to share this with everyone. When is the last time you stopped
to help someone in need, or even shared the gospel with someone? Are you saving this water and keeping it all just for yourself?
    If water does not flow it becomes stagnate.....the same can happen in our spiritual walk with the Lord. We too can become stagnate. But what can we do for someone else ....are there not thirsty people everywhere? People that will die without Jesus if we don't take the time to talk with them! Can we not share just a drink? It did not take the woman at the well long before she wanted everyone to come and know Jesus.
    It sure makes me I doing my part? I am living for the Lord? Am I sharing all that
He has given me with everyone I come in contact with? I for one...want to share with anyone that is thirsty. Lord, let my hands be Your hands reaching out to others!
    So today...if you are one that is thirsty and need to meet with can. No matter who you are, where you are or even what you have done. All He asks is that you believe in Him, that you ask Him to come into your heart and forgive you for all the bad things you have done...that you will change and live for Him. Salvation is free....but it does take do have to change....but He helps you every step of the way! Maybe you are one that has the stagnate have been hiding it, or you have been stingy, too busy for others etc. You know the Lord can help you too....just let Him know from your heart your desire. I mess up all the time and go to Him and apologize. He shows such grace and mercy.
  I know there are so many who are thirsty. Who will share, who will go...who will tell? I cannot wait until tonight. They gave us a full water bottle and asked us to drink it befor tonight. They asked us to pray for those that are lost and thirsty...every sip we would take....and then to bring the empty bottle back tonight. I will let you know what happens.....
   Are you thirsty??? Do you know someone that is thirsty spiritually speaking? Invite them tonight......service tonight begins @ 7:00 Faith Assembly of God in Salem, VA


  1. Sounds like you are truly being touched by this revival, Johnette. I pray the turnouts are large.

  2. Thanks sure has been wonderful...wish you lived close...I would take you with me =)