Saturday, October 13, 2012

How do you find God?

I cannot get the verse out of my head that says: If you seek Me, you will find Me....if you seek Me with all of your heart.
  I want to know Him....not just know who He is. I want to be closer to God.....know what
He says and what He desires from me and my life.
  I have heard many people say...I don't believe in God, or is there really a god.....or I don't know
Him, or I cannot feel Him etc etc. The Bible sure is a great way to get to know God and who He is...and if He is real has the answers to many of our questions. It simple says you will find Him...if you seek Him with all of your heart. This is not talking about finding a genie and getting 3 wishes, or making all of your dreams come true...or yes...if you find will live a perfect life....nope...not at is just saying that God is not hiding, He has not changed, He is still there...He never left you or is us...we are the ones that walk away....if we really want to know Him....just seek with all of your heart.
  You know I have a son...and if I couldn't find would I look....for 5 minutes and get
bored? No...I would look everywhere, call friends, do whatever it took to find him. How about when we lose our car keys and we are running late....we may frantically run through the house searching through drawers, or closets, coats...leaving a messy trail behind us..but it doesn't matter at that moment...all that matters is finding those keys! we really seek God? Do we search for Him? Do we spend time trying
to know Him and talk with Him? Even if we don't....even if we haven't...He is waiting for us....patiently loving us still.
  Thank you Lord for loving me...I want to know you me to seek You with all
of my heart!

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