Thursday, August 2, 2012

Woohoo, my first post on my very own blog...I am so excited! I have always wanted to start a blog.....not so sure why. Me?? Yeah..not so great with computers...might be stressful for me...but I would like to share my thoughts, ideas, opinions, maybe vent from time to time...who knows...

  I am in my 30's, a single mom (what a joy it is to be a proud mom of a 14 yr old son), avid reader of historical christian fiction and classic books,  a scrapbook er, card maker, trying to craft, bake, I have all of these ideas that fly around in my I am dedicated to actually getting more done..and taking the time for me....that isn't I home school my son...he is headed into 9th grade (what a work load for both of us) oh and there is the whole Children's Ministry Director, VBS Director, Sunday School teacher, Youth Ministry, Young Adults....and and and....just basically means I am at church a lot. I love it...but it takes a lot of my time...I just don't get a chance to do these little things I I am going to be posting..the good and the bad. the beautiful..and the what in the world is that? (keep your fingers crossed with me that some turn out Also will add some reviews of books I have read, quotes etc.
 The reason I have named my blog My heart is in His hand...I love the Lord with all of my heart. He means everything to me. Through my joy, laughter, pain, sorrows, imperfections, the things I want to kick myself for, giggles, struggles, happy times, and when I mess up, He has loved me through it all. Wow..that sounds so simple..yet that is so deep for me. Such a Mighty God takes the time to care about who I am, what I am doing...and He loves little me.....I want Him to shape me, mold me into a better be more like Him. My heart will always be in His hands...


  1. Yay! You started your blog. And it's beautiful, by the way :) If you have any problems, I'd be happy to help. Good luck!!

  2. Thanks to you Sarah! I really appreciate it...I love yours too!